The cosmological constant

I wrote a brief paper on the sense and nonsense of standard cosmology, basically arguing dark matter/energy is just antimatter, and providing a logical explanation of why it is ‘dark’ (antiphotons and antineutrons are hard to detect because they do no interact with matter). But all of that was written before I checked the Wikipedia article on the cosmological constant, according to which  the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating! So that has nothing to do with dark matter/energy, but it does suggest a whole new mystery. I quote:

“In 1998 two teams of astrophysicists, one led by Saul Perlmutter, the other led by Brian Schmidt and Adam Riess, carried out measurements on distant supernovae and show that the speed of galaxies recession in relation to the Milky Way increases over time. The universe is in accelerated expansion. […] The universe would contain a mysterious dark energy producing a repulsive force that counterbalances the gravitational braking produced by the matter contained in the universe (see standard cosmological model). For this work, Perlmutter (American), Schmidt (American-Australian), and Riess (American) jointly received the Nobel Prize in physics in 2011.”

I am sure there must be a rational explanation for this. Perhaps the Universe is just a blob in a larger cluster of Universes, which we cannot see because they originated from other Big Bangs. So these other Universes would be tearing ours apart, so to speak. It would surely explain the rather incredible speed of current expansion (2c/3). And, of course, it also makes us feel less lonely, doesn’t it? 🙂